Friday, 26 April 2013

Flower Park

"Let's go to the Zen Place?"
 This seems to be my mother-in-law's favourite request these days, and how she fondly refers to her new favourite spot,
the Flower Park Nursery.
Now, I know Pinetown is not the 'it' place, or area, to visit but take a look at the photos below and tell me it doesn't appeal to you?

I just love the shabby-chic decor and laid-back appeal, the
mis-matched crockery and cutlery as well as the ever-changing menu.
We first visited the Flower Park when my mother-in-law decided to take me there for my birthday (and then we visited again for my husband's birthday too!). We delighted in eating red velvet cake, carrot muffins and chocolate ganache cake. We also trested ourselves to quiche and salad. I highly recommend the basil, feta and baby tomato quiche! Each baby quiche is served with a FRESH salad. When I say fresh, I mean straight from the garden! It is literally picked and made. Ordering coffee gets you your own plunger and you can choose the strength. There are no soft drinks but you have the chance to indulge in some rather tasty homemade, old fashioned lemonade.

I love the little vintage cottage they have next to the coffee shop. This little cottage is full of treasures. I bought myself a cow shaped butter dish and my mother-in-law purchased some new editions to her brass collection.

You will find the Flower Park at 5 Ridge Place, Pinetown, just off Underwood Road. Phone Lynn on 031 701 4097

This is my rough gem.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Free State Road-Tripping

Taking a family road trip to Bloemfontein.
Admiring road-side cosmos.

Admiring road-side sunflowers.
Just thought I would share.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mini Hockey

"I want to be just like Dad"

Last Friday was the first mini hockey session of the season at Kearsney. What fun!
We were forced to go shopping for some hockey accessories (or must-haves I guess...) and left Mr Price Sport with a new pair of Maxed takkies, 2x pairs of lumo hockey socks (thanks to a buy one get one free special), shorts and shin-pads.
We also left the shop with a very excited little girl.
Why is she so excited to play hockey? Simple.
She wants to be just like her Dad. My husband plays hockey and so she has always watched from the side and now it's finally her turn! Dad is also very good at hockey and (yes, I am about to boast!) represented SA in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
While I don't believe she needs to follow in any ones footsteps and that she must create her own destiny, it is so sweet watching Dad swell with pride! The day before this she also happened to win her first inter-house cross-country race at school in the U6 division out of 50 girls. This was Moms chance to swell with pride as I used to be a runner back in the day!

Watch this space for more updates on mini hockey.
For more info on mini hockey contact

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


 Our first outing to Kloof's Wakaberry was one of bright colours and new flavours.
I still don't know who had more fun choosing flavours and toppings...husband, daughter or me?!
Wakaberry is a proudly South African brand with its founders born and bred Durbanites. I don't know about you but this gives me an even better reason to support this 'froyo'. I love a good South African product! 


Trading hours are from 9am-9pm daily
Shop 33, Fields Shopping Centre, Kloof.
Contact details: 031 764 2564 or
Take a look at the website for up to date info on flavours
and any news