Thursday, 4 September 2014

September Markets

Spring has sprung and it is getting warmer outside! Time to hit the local markets again and enjoy getting out with the family. Yay!
Don't forget The Village Market this Friday evening from 5pm - 10pm - over 40 stalls, live music, Craft Beer tasting, delicious food and much more!
Celebrate Spring at Hillcrest Country Market this Sunday! Browse through the many stalls of beautiful LOCALLY MADE products, sit on a hay bale and enjoy a great cup of coffee and some brunch while the little ones are entertained with wholesome fun activities! Easily accessible in central Hillcrest. Entrance is FREE!

Read more about the Play Market here. I love this one!
Time to get printing!  Print the voucher below to enjoy free entry for the September Market! For non riders only! Let your friends know what a great day out The Play Market is and make it a catch up day! Live music, craft beer and wine, kids entertainment, craft stalls, delish authentic and artisan foods and a great venue!

The Meeting Tree have not yet released their next market date.
One market I am dead keen to visit soon is The Morning Trade, 8 Morrison Street in Durban.
Find out more here
For a full list of Durban Markets from Cuizine click here
No one can say we don't have a choice of great markets in this part of the world!!

September Goals


One of my fav mommy bloggers puts together her list of monthly goals and inspired me to do my own. Have a look at Caley's list over on Ellie Love
This is my last full month of being pregnant (hopefully baby stays put until he/she is supposed to) and so it should be quite a busy one!
Here I go...Goals for Septmeber
  • Go to two gynae visits/check-ups as I approach the end of this pregnancy
  • Enjoy my baby shower
  • Finish the baby's nursery
  • Finish off work and leave my workplace/desk in an organised way and so everyone knows what they need to do while I am away
  • Celebrate my brothers wedding
  • Celebrate my future nephews birthday (buy him something nice!)
  • Cook some meals to fill the freezer for when baby comes and life is hectic!
  • Read a book
  • Take more walks as my body aches more
  • Have lunch or dinner with friends before they move away from Durban
  • Drink more water
  • To not forget my Sister-in-law's birthday
  • Go on two mother-daughter dates with Rileigh
  • Make the effort to print some of Rileigh's baby photos
  • Appreciate and spend some more alone time with my husband before that gets more difficult to do
  • Go on a date with my hubby!
  • Get our new family car
  • Keep saving

Going to be interesting to see how I do! What are your goals for September?

Monday, 18 August 2014

Chateau Gateaux - Hillcrest

With the new little one on the way (I am now almost 31 weeks pregnant!) I have been trying hard to get out and about with my toothless wonder and allow her to enjoy her last few weeks as an only child. One of our latest mini outings was to Chateau Gateaux in Hillcrest in their new premises.

We chose to sit at the "bar window" with a view.
I highly recommend a slice of the heavenly Southern Red Velvet cake and a cappuccino. The little one had a Kiddychino for R5.00! She loves those little things.

The best part is you can takeaway a slice or two or buy a whole cake! Talk about having your cake and eating it!

Take a squizz at the pricelist here
Visit their website here
Find them on Facebook here
You can find the new Chateau Gateux in Shop 12B, The Colony Centre, 50 Old Main Rd, Hillcrest (at the same centre as Stretta and Food Lover's Market)
Phone: 031 765 7834
Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday 07:30 - 18:00
Sunday / Public Holidays 07:30 - 17:00

Friday, 4 July 2014

Holiday Ideas to keep your Kids Happy!


Have some good ideas on standby when they start telling you they are bored or when they are driving you up the wall!

What are you doing with your kids this holiday?
These are just SOME of the things you can so with your little ones this holiday. I found myself making a list a week ago in preparation and thought I would share them with you. Please reciprocate by sharing some of your ideas with me and everyone else by commenting.
 Visit a Farmyard/ Animal Farm
There are few options here:
Duck 'n Deck - Assagay
The Animal Farmyard - Botha's Hill
Winsome Farm - Summerveld
Or you can travel out to the North Coast and visit Flag Animal Farm?

For Nature/Adventure Lovers:
Drive out to Crocworld Conservation Centre - Scottburgh
Tala Private Game Reserve - Eston
Botanic Gardens - Durban or Pietermartizburg
Makaranga - Kloof
Giba Gorge
1000 Hills Bird Park
Hike through Krantzkloof Nature Reserve
Umhlanga's Lagoon Nature Reserve walk - start at the end of Lagoon Drive
Visit a farm (we will be visiting my parents)
Take a trip to the beach and walk/cycle Durban's 'Golden Mile'
Putt Putt at Piggly Wiggly - Kloof

Fun at Home
Board Games
Crafts (Mr Price Home usually has nice bits and bobs to buy)
Making jewellery
Practice reading, writing and maths (that is on our list!)
Do a scavenger hunt (I am busy coming up with one for my daughter)

Visit the Durban Museum
Inchanga Choo Choo
The KZN Science Centre - Gateway (my daughter loved this when I took her here last year!)
Groovy Balls - Cliffdale
Shongweni Parkrun every Saturday morning (register online)

Child Friendly Restaurants:
I started putting a list together starting with Lucky Bean and then this stumbled into my Facebook newsfeed and saved me the trouble.
We have been to a few on the list so can comment on those:
Arts Cafe - Glenwood
Nice vibe, quirky little shop and bit thick quiche slices.
Circus Circus - Beach Cafe
Nice but nothing wow. I would rather get Afro's Chicken
Lucky Bean - Assagay
See below
Oil & Oil - Hillcrest
Wasn't wowed by the 'kiddies area'. It was basically just a small room with a Wii
Cafe Jiran - Beachfront
BEST hamburgers we have ever tasted. Well priced. Been twice and didn't see a play area and nothing was mentioned to us either?
Primi Polo - Hillcrest
I always enjoy a good pizza and my little one loves playing with the dough and getting them cooked. Heaven for a little girl!
Piggly Wiggly - Midlands
It is a great day out and VERY kiddie friendly. You could also visit Piggly Wiggly in Kloof and play putt-putt. There are so many child friendly restaurants and stops in the Midlands such as Lavender & Trout, The Junction, Caversham Mill and so on...
Giba Cafe
We haven't eaten there but have been to the Play Market and to parties and love it!
Yellowwood Cafe
Beautiful view of the Howick Falls and great fun for the kids
Can't say that I have been there with my little one but have seen other kids having a ball there. In fact your husband will be put out as the kids generally get loads more attention than the men!!
Play at Lucky Bean - Assagay
LB offers some free holiday craft activities offered to the littlies (2-6 years) throughout the holiday. I am still sad Akimbo closed. I digress. Lucky Bean is great for smaller kids but with a 7 year old I feel we have officially outgrown it.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

July Markets

Plan some market visits with the Hillcrest Country Market, Play Market at Giba Gorge and The Meeting Tree in Shongweni. Of course there is also the Shongweni Farmers Market every Saturday morning too.

Print this voucher out and you can get in for free!! I am such a sucker for a freebie! Unfortunatley I won't be able to make this one as I will be watching my husband play Indoor Hockey in Durban against Namibia that day. I am very excited about it though!

Take a look at this interesting article entitled 13 Food and Craft Markets in Durban by Rooms for for some new inspiration or in case you want to get out of Hillcrest for the day.

3 + 1 = 4 (excitement!)

Hello everyone!
Firstly, I apologise for being such a useless blogger. Life has been crazy busy with work, Geoff's hockey, the little ones busy schedule (Grade 1 has been a learning curve for both her and I) and the bun in the oven.
I am 24 weeks pregnant!

Baby size: Baby is the size of a aubergine/eggplant, 30cm long and about 600grams

Weight gain: At my 22 week scan I discovered (and was shocked to learn) that I have put on just over 4kgs!

Maternity clothes: It is so difficult to find and buy maternity clothes in Durban these days. Woolworths and Edgars no longer have maternity sections although Mr Price does. I have shopped clever and purchased items like maxi skirts and leggings from places like Cotton On. I did make two 'maternity' buys from Truworths and Mr Price. I have a great pair of black cigar pants from Truworths maternity and a grey winter shirt from Mr Price which is still a bit too big for me.

Stretch marks: None (yet!)

Sleep: I had an afternoon sleep every weekend during the 1st trimester and can see myself heading that way again as I approach the 3rd. The 2nd has been a breeze and sleep has been ok.

Gender: Keeping it a surprise!

Best moment this week: Going on a date (without kids) to Lupa with Geoff. He is so busy with hockey 4 days/nights a week so it was so nice to actually spend time together.

Looking forward to: Our 4D scan in 4 weeks time.

What I miss: Walking normally and wearing skinny jeans comfortably.

Movement: Yes! Lots! This little one loves to kick 'down' into my crouch area. It can be very awkward at times!


Food cravings: No real cravings as such. I have never had to send Geoff out into the night because I feel like something in particular but I do love bacon more than ever! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anymore

Labour signs: Nope

Symptoms: Stuffy nose and sinus issues

Belly button in or out: flattening out

Weddings rings on or off: On

Mood: I have been very happy and easy going since passing the first trimester

Nursery: All the big things done and in the room but no decorating yet.

Workouts: I have been quite bad about this. It is so hard even going for a walk during winter as I leave for work when the  sun is just coming up and get home after 4:30 then rush into homework and dinner and it is dark so early! My husband only gets home (earliest) at 5:30 so it is dark by the time he gets back. He isn't happy with us girls walking alone. I did start doing preggie yoga with Isabel from Blissful Bellies but she is off to Argentina for a month and will hopefully get back to that when she gets back as I was really enjoying that. I went to 4/5 sessions.

12 Weeks

17 Weeks - Beautiful Alien Face

22 Weeks - Baby lying upside down

I made the 'announcement' when I was past 14 weeks and after telling work.
What do you think of the way we revealed our exciting secret?

Original photo was taken by photographer Jacki Bruniquel which I then butchered (sorry Jacki) from my cousins wedding last year September.
My daughter is OVER THE MOON! She has been an only child for so long now (will be 7 years and a half years by the time the baby arrives).
We are keeping baby's he/she moment to the day he/she is born for the fun of it. We love the idea of a surprise although it is hard not to just find out every time we go for a scan.
We will be having baby at Hillcrest Hospital and will definitely be sharing my experience with you all afterwards.
So far we have got a cot, compactum, travel set (pram, car seat and car seat base), highchair and a few other smaller bits and bobs. The spare room has very quickly been swopped into a nursery in the making and it is so exciting to walk past it everyday and imagine that in just over 3 months our new little one will be here.
We found the most lovely lady who sells baby goodies from her home in Kloof. Her 'shop' is called Baby Boutique and sells a variety of 'almost new' or new stuff. You will find no crap here. In fact one of the prams we went to look at she had contacted the supplier and had completely recovered the entire set (still had tags on!). We bought of travel set, cot, cot mattress and donut from her. She sells brand new goodies for less than what Baby City etc sell the EXACT things for. Kitty is great! Contact Kitty and go and she what she has if you are looking for things for your baby. Visit her website here or phone her on 083 412 9641. You might stumble across some of her goodies for sale on Gumtree so her website is not very comprehensive.

Have you got any good sugestions for us? A must buy or a must have? Do you have a baby shop/product you would like me to visit or try out? Please pop me a mail or comment below.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Mothers' Day Weekend Markets

Happy Mothers' Day to our my special Mom readers. Here's wishing you breakfast in bed, warm hugs, sloppy kisses and lots of love from your kiddies and husband!
For those of you who are living in a hole and don't yet know tomorrow is the annual Hillcrest Primary School Family Fun Day!! The kids have an absolute ball at the market/fun day and is well worth a visit even if you perhaps don't have kids at the school.
If your family hasn't made plans for Sunday already then as your mothers' day right you should demand to go to the Play Market at Giba Gorge. This is still one of my favourite markets as it is so much more than just a market! Read more about this fantastic market and outing here
Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April Markets

The Meeting Tree and The Play Market both have markets coming up!
Sad to say I can't make this one as we have my brothers 30th on Sunday at my parents farm (not that that won't be awesome!)
Find The Play Market on Facebook here
Read my take on The Play Market featured on Living Hillcrest here
My mom and I have a date for this one! I still have only been to one Meeting Tree Market and loved the relaxed vibe in the trees.
Read my take on The Meeting Tree here
And find and like them on Facebook here

Please don't forget that the Shongweni Farmers Market is open every Saturday morning from 6-10:30am
Find The Shongweni Farmers & Craft Market on Facebook here
Take a look at their new and improved website hereIn case you haven't heard they will be moving in the future and there are big things happening so make sure you keep up to date!

Hillcrest Car Boot Sale

I stumbled across this advert during a recent search and got quite excited! I think that this is a fantastic initiative from the Rotary Club of Hillcrest. Who doesn't like a bargain? Am I right??
What is that mans trash is another mans treasure?
You can keep up to date by visiting the website here or liking their Facebook page here

Monday, 7 April 2014

Hillcrest AIDS Centre

I recently posted about some places I want to try and enjoy in and around Hillcrest (and Durban). In case you missed it you can read it here. So when my husband and I went on a seedling shop/hunt (for our veggie garden) I suggested we pop into the Hillcrest AIDS Centre.
What a phenomenal place!
We popped in late on a Saturday morning so it was a bit dead (not many customers or people around) but wow is that place neat and tidy! We walked through the nursery and were seriously impressed with the selection, the prices and the service we received. If, or when, we need plants for our garden we will certainly stop off here first. One of the guys in the nursery showed us to their seedling section and sadly all they had was African Spinach and beetroot. We didn't want/need either. This didn't bother us, as we are used to having to sometimes search for the seedlings we want.


We then popped into Woza Moyo. WOW! All I can say is we spent a while in there and will definitely be returning! The amount of stuff crammed (neatly) into that little shop is phenomenal. You can literally pick up almost every item in that shop and spend time staring in wonder at the amount of talent, energy and effort that has gone into producing each item. The bead work is definitely something to write home about. Unfortunately we went before payday so couldn't spend like we would have but we did buy two little goodies: the 'perfect laundry room keyring' and a South African badge. The 'perfect laundry room keyring' is a beautifully beaded OMO logo. My husband just loved it! My daughter has declared that she will be saving up her money and would like us to take her back.

**Exciting news that I happened to hear from Jess at the Hillcrest Country Market yesterday (6 April): the shop will be expanding soon with two new ranges coming in. The shop will officially be a whole shipping container bigger!** 


A great idea would be to pop in before going to a overseas trip is to pop in and buy a few South African flag pins to give out to tour group leaders, bus drivers or any interesting foriegners you meet on your travles. We wished we had done that when we went to Asia again last year. If you ever send a package to family or friends overseas soemthing from this shop will make them pin for good old S.A.

Visit the Hillcrest AIDS Centre at 26 Old Main Road, Hillcrest. Or, just look for the distinct 'knit bombed' Jacaranda and you know you have found the right place.
Visit their website to find out more about the HAC here. I have literally touched on one [very] small aspect in a superficial way.
Like the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust on Facebook here
Like the Woza Moyo here
And finally if you are a gardener like HAC Trust Plant Nursery here

Friday, 4 April 2014

Hillcrest Easter Markets

It's a busy weekend of Markets in Hillcrest this weekend!
Tonight you can choose between (or go to both) The Village Market or the Roseway Waldorf Natural & Organic Night Market. The Village Market is at the Oxford Village (Heritage Market). If you are looking for something 'out of the norm' and 'far from mainstream' then head to Waldorf's night market. Friends dragged us to it a year or two ago and I had to promise my husband I would never drag him back again. It was a bit to "way out" for him and there was no beer tent for him to hide in! The Village Market will feature a live performance by No Fly Zone, a Easter egg hunt, Easter photobooth as well as plenty of food stalls and fashion.
On Sunday you should pop into the popular Hillcrest Country Market at Hillcrest Primary.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Friday, 14 March 2014

SPCA Open Sunday Markets

Support this deserving organisation.
If you have extra love to give and would love a pet then the Kloof & Highway SPCA have some beautiful dogs and cats. 

The Main Office and animal shelter will also be open from 9:00 to 12:00 on the last Sunday of every month to encourage more adoptions.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

10 things to do in and around Hillcrest

So, on a recent jog through the Internet I stumbled across this page from tripadvisor. I immediately got excited because I am a variety person. I need variety in my life and I LOVE trying new things.
This site tickled my fancy because I want to try some new things in and around Durban. And 'around Durban' means the Hillcrest area too.

The page is entitled 'Things to do in Durban' but lists a few things in our neck of woods too. It lists 52 attractions that travellers have recommended. On further inspection I don't agree with a vast majority of them but what the heck, maybe it's just me.

So I have decided to make my own list of what I would like to try this year...a few will be from the Hillcrest or Upper Highway Area, and some are in and around Durban. I live and work in Hillcrest and as wonderful as it is, it is a nice to have a change of scenery. I have tried not to include what I have already done e.g. Ushaka, markets, watching sport etc.

1. Inchanga Choo Choo
I have been wanting to do this for over a year now. On Sundays we hear the gentle 'Toot toot'  and the 'choock-o choock-o choock-o'from our garden and it is SO cute. I Just know my daughter will love it and my husband and I get a kick going back in time.
Apparently it leaves from Stoker's Arms, Kloof, and heads up to the Inchanga Museum and craft market on the last Sunday of every month. It leaves at 8:30am and tickets are R170 an adult, R130 a child (2-12 years) and for pensioners. Contact 031 303 3003.
Contact and find them on Facebook here
Visit their website here
You can book here

2. Picnic at Makaranga
I would love to picnic in the gardens of Makaranga. I have only ever been to Makaranga once. My husband took me to watch Top Gun under the stars. Read more about this here. I really hope Makaranga do that again this year. I digress. I would love to simply arrive at Makaranga and pick up my ready made picnic (I hate packing things!) and find a nice quiet spot with my favourites. I would definitely order the 'Deli Mini' and the 'Mon Petit Chouchou' for my little one.
find them on Facebook here

3. Riding Bikes along Durban's Golden Mile
I want to rent bicycles and ride from Suncoast to uShaka. I have seen quite a few little places that hire out bicycles and offer this. If anyone has a particular place they swear by PLEASE let me know. 

4. Winsome View
Winsome View is an animal farm and 'Country Bistro'. I have some friends that have been here and I am keen to try it out. Living in Hillcrest we have been to Duck 'n Deck 2 or 3 times and I am not wild about the place. For some reason this one sounds better so I am keen to try it out. They are open from 9-3pm on Tuesday-Sunday.
Contact 082 892 1615 and find them on Facebook here
Visit their website here 

5. 1000 Hills Birdpark
This is slightly more appealing for a quick 'get out the house' trip as it is much closer than Durban's Umgeni River Bird Park.
The Birdpark also has Christine's Eatery and Heidi's Antiques if the birds and reptiles get a bit much. I love a place where I can stop and have a cup of coffee and something to munch on.
It is R65 for adults and children over 10, R40 for children under 10 and R35 per Zip Line Ride. The Zip Line ride sounds interesting...I am sure my daughter would love to do that. She is a bit of a daredevil.
They are open from 9-3:30pm on Tuesday-Sunday.
Contact 031 765 6090 and find them on Facebook here
Visit their website here

6. People's Park Cafe
This is at the exquisite Moses Mabhida Stadium. I have been here before with a friend but would love to spend half a day here with my family. There is such a great variety of play equipment for the kids while you can either park off on a bench {or grass} or do something more active like Rollerblade, ride your bike, or skateboard. You can take a picnic and entrance is free! It's the people's park after all.
While I am there I want to go up the SkyCar and see Durban from above. This is R55 for an adult and R30 for children under 12.
It is open from 5am-7pm Monday-Sunday and the Cafe is open Tuesday - Sunday 7am-6pm
Contact 031 303 5719 
Visit their website here

7. The Oyster Box
We spent 5/6 months living in Lagoon Drive in Umhlanga and in this time drove past, or took walks past, the Oyster Box almost EVERY day. I have never stepped foot inside. This is very sad. I think I haven't been because I am worried my poor little card won't afford a cup of coffee there, let alone a sitting at the famous 'Oyster Box High Tea' or as they like to call it 'Traditional Afternoon Tea'. I think I also avoided trying because I didn't want to take my then 4/5 year old in there. I dream of a short stay there or some decadent tea or meal. If I ever have the chance of going to tea at the Oyster Box I will starve myself for a week a day.
Contact 031 514 5000 and find them on Facebook here
Visit their website here 

8.Groovy Balls
For years I have been wanting to get in one of those giant inflatable balls and going hurtling down a hill. I love living on the edge a bit! Little did I know that there is a place to do this just around the corner from Hillcrest. Groovy Balls can be found in Cliffdale and offers GroovyBalls, HamsterBalls, Mini GroovyBalls (for the kiddies), Off road Go-Karting, Target Shooting and Paintball. This sounds like a boys paradise!
Visit their website here for more info and pricing as there is quite a lot on offer. Like them on Facebook here.

9. Eat Out!
At some point I would like to try the following restaurants in Hillcrest: Lupa, Mozambik, Stretta, Two Acres and Bellevue Cafe {in no particular order}.

10. Hillcrest AIDS Centre
Shopping at the AIDS Centre for indigenous plants and beaded goodies. I would like to support this NPO this year. 
Visit their website here to get an idea of what they do and offer.

I plan to grow on this list. This is just the start. What do you want to try? What do you suggest?

Monday, 27 January 2014

Go to Play Market - 8 February

I just love the Play Market at Giba Gorge.
Read more about what I loved and why here.

Find them on Facebook
Unfortunately we won't make this one as it's my daughter's 7th birthday party that day. I can't wait to share the details with you once it is all over!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Support SPCA

MASSIVE MASSIVE Clearance Sale on books as well as various odds and ends from the different charity shops.
Visit Kloof & Highway SPCA over the next three weeks for HUGE BARGAINS Starting Sat 25th January to Sat 15th Feb from 8am to 12noon daily.
There are two marquees. One opposite the Attic Charity Shop and the other in the tea garden area. 80% of the marquees are stocked with books ALL going for an amazing R5 each. There are hundreds of high quality books of all types and the marquees will be restocked with more books daily. Keep checking their Facebook page for daily updates on the items going on sale here.
Please share this with all your friends and family. Thank you to everyone for your continued support in helping the SPCA to raise funds.
Contact 031 7641212/3
Or visit their website