Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Makaranga Movie Moment

The husband surprised me to a night out at the movies.
Not just any movie...an outdoor movie!
Makaranga are running this experience from August 7 until September 18, 2013. In my humble opinion Makaranga's garden is perfectly suited to this! It has a gentle slope which ensures everyone can see without having to sit in the front. Makaranga is beautiful, even in the dark!

We had the pleasure of watching Top Gun. I am embarrassed to admit it but neither the husband or I had watched this old classic!
What a treat.
Take a look at the line up above.
If you want to find out more about The Galileo Open Air Cinema take a look here.
Or you can phone the Ticket Hotline on: 0861 2255 98
The husband booked our tickets online in advance and got a small discount. Otherwise you can buy 'at the door' pay full price and risk it being sold out. Movies start at 6:30pm but you can go into the movie area from 4pm. When we got there it was dark already (this was not the plan and resulted in some less than desirable photographs). 

You can buy food and drinks as well as popcorn. You can't take any food or drinks in. We had some scrumptious boerie rolls complete with chilli sauce (it would not be Natal without chilli sauce!). Stock up on food and drinks before the show starts as they pack away when the movie gets going. Bit of a pity as I could have done with a hot cup of Milo halfway.

You can hire/rent a blanket if you forget to take your own. But please remember to take a pillow or two with you. The ground does get hard after a while and I felt so sorry for the people next to us who sat the whole way through while we go to lie down and snuggle under our blankets. At the end of the day...go prepared. There are a several fire pits glowing to keep warm. If you love a good fire pit get there early to get a spot close to one.

We are considering going again and taking our daughter.

Sorry about the poor photography but photos in the dark just do not do this justice.

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