Thursday, 4 September 2014

September Markets

Spring has sprung and it is getting warmer outside! Time to hit the local markets again and enjoy getting out with the family. Yay!
Don't forget The Village Market this Friday evening from 5pm - 10pm - over 40 stalls, live music, Craft Beer tasting, delicious food and much more!
Celebrate Spring at Hillcrest Country Market this Sunday! Browse through the many stalls of beautiful LOCALLY MADE products, sit on a hay bale and enjoy a great cup of coffee and some brunch while the little ones are entertained with wholesome fun activities! Easily accessible in central Hillcrest. Entrance is FREE!

Read more about the Play Market here. I love this one!
Time to get printing!  Print the voucher below to enjoy free entry for the September Market! For non riders only! Let your friends know what a great day out The Play Market is and make it a catch up day! Live music, craft beer and wine, kids entertainment, craft stalls, delish authentic and artisan foods and a great venue!

The Meeting Tree have not yet released their next market date.
One market I am dead keen to visit soon is The Morning Trade, 8 Morrison Street in Durban.
Find out more here
For a full list of Durban Markets from Cuizine click here
No one can say we don't have a choice of great markets in this part of the world!!

September Goals


One of my fav mommy bloggers puts together her list of monthly goals and inspired me to do my own. Have a look at Caley's list over on Ellie Love
This is my last full month of being pregnant (hopefully baby stays put until he/she is supposed to) and so it should be quite a busy one!
Here I go...Goals for Septmeber
  • Go to two gynae visits/check-ups as I approach the end of this pregnancy
  • Enjoy my baby shower
  • Finish the baby's nursery
  • Finish off work and leave my workplace/desk in an organised way and so everyone knows what they need to do while I am away
  • Celebrate my brothers wedding
  • Celebrate my future nephews birthday (buy him something nice!)
  • Cook some meals to fill the freezer for when baby comes and life is hectic!
  • Read a book
  • Take more walks as my body aches more
  • Have lunch or dinner with friends before they move away from Durban
  • Drink more water
  • To not forget my Sister-in-law's birthday
  • Go on two mother-daughter dates with Rileigh
  • Make the effort to print some of Rileigh's baby photos
  • Appreciate and spend some more alone time with my husband before that gets more difficult to do
  • Go on a date with my hubby!
  • Get our new family car
  • Keep saving

Going to be interesting to see how I do! What are your goals for September?