Thursday, 3 July 2014

3 + 1 = 4 (excitement!)

Hello everyone!
Firstly, I apologise for being such a useless blogger. Life has been crazy busy with work, Geoff's hockey, the little ones busy schedule (Grade 1 has been a learning curve for both her and I) and the bun in the oven.
I am 24 weeks pregnant!

Baby size: Baby is the size of a aubergine/eggplant, 30cm long and about 600grams

Weight gain: At my 22 week scan I discovered (and was shocked to learn) that I have put on just over 4kgs!

Maternity clothes: It is so difficult to find and buy maternity clothes in Durban these days. Woolworths and Edgars no longer have maternity sections although Mr Price does. I have shopped clever and purchased items like maxi skirts and leggings from places like Cotton On. I did make two 'maternity' buys from Truworths and Mr Price. I have a great pair of black cigar pants from Truworths maternity and a grey winter shirt from Mr Price which is still a bit too big for me.

Stretch marks: None (yet!)

Sleep: I had an afternoon sleep every weekend during the 1st trimester and can see myself heading that way again as I approach the 3rd. The 2nd has been a breeze and sleep has been ok.

Gender: Keeping it a surprise!

Best moment this week: Going on a date (without kids) to Lupa with Geoff. He is so busy with hockey 4 days/nights a week so it was so nice to actually spend time together.

Looking forward to: Our 4D scan in 4 weeks time.

What I miss: Walking normally and wearing skinny jeans comfortably.

Movement: Yes! Lots! This little one loves to kick 'down' into my crouch area. It can be very awkward at times!


Food cravings: No real cravings as such. I have never had to send Geoff out into the night because I feel like something in particular but I do love bacon more than ever! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anymore

Labour signs: Nope

Symptoms: Stuffy nose and sinus issues

Belly button in or out: flattening out

Weddings rings on or off: On

Mood: I have been very happy and easy going since passing the first trimester

Nursery: All the big things done and in the room but no decorating yet.

Workouts: I have been quite bad about this. It is so hard even going for a walk during winter as I leave for work when the  sun is just coming up and get home after 4:30 then rush into homework and dinner and it is dark so early! My husband only gets home (earliest) at 5:30 so it is dark by the time he gets back. He isn't happy with us girls walking alone. I did start doing preggie yoga with Isabel from Blissful Bellies but she is off to Argentina for a month and will hopefully get back to that when she gets back as I was really enjoying that. I went to 4/5 sessions.

12 Weeks

17 Weeks - Beautiful Alien Face

22 Weeks - Baby lying upside down

I made the 'announcement' when I was past 14 weeks and after telling work.
What do you think of the way we revealed our exciting secret?

Original photo was taken by photographer Jacki Bruniquel which I then butchered (sorry Jacki) from my cousins wedding last year September.
My daughter is OVER THE MOON! She has been an only child for so long now (will be 7 years and a half years by the time the baby arrives).
We are keeping baby's he/she moment to the day he/she is born for the fun of it. We love the idea of a surprise although it is hard not to just find out every time we go for a scan.
We will be having baby at Hillcrest Hospital and will definitely be sharing my experience with you all afterwards.
So far we have got a cot, compactum, travel set (pram, car seat and car seat base), highchair and a few other smaller bits and bobs. The spare room has very quickly been swopped into a nursery in the making and it is so exciting to walk past it everyday and imagine that in just over 3 months our new little one will be here.
We found the most lovely lady who sells baby goodies from her home in Kloof. Her 'shop' is called Baby Boutique and sells a variety of 'almost new' or new stuff. You will find no crap here. In fact one of the prams we went to look at she had contacted the supplier and had completely recovered the entire set (still had tags on!). We bought of travel set, cot, cot mattress and donut from her. She sells brand new goodies for less than what Baby City etc sell the EXACT things for. Kitty is great! Contact Kitty and go and she what she has if you are looking for things for your baby. Visit her website here or phone her on 083 412 9641. You might stumble across some of her goodies for sale on Gumtree so her website is not very comprehensive.

Have you got any good sugestions for us? A must buy or a must have? Do you have a baby shop/product you would like me to visit or try out? Please pop me a mail or comment below.

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