Monday, 7 April 2014

Hillcrest AIDS Centre

I recently posted about some places I want to try and enjoy in and around Hillcrest (and Durban). In case you missed it you can read it here. So when my husband and I went on a seedling shop/hunt (for our veggie garden) I suggested we pop into the Hillcrest AIDS Centre.
What a phenomenal place!
We popped in late on a Saturday morning so it was a bit dead (not many customers or people around) but wow is that place neat and tidy! We walked through the nursery and were seriously impressed with the selection, the prices and the service we received. If, or when, we need plants for our garden we will certainly stop off here first. One of the guys in the nursery showed us to their seedling section and sadly all they had was African Spinach and beetroot. We didn't want/need either. This didn't bother us, as we are used to having to sometimes search for the seedlings we want.


We then popped into Woza Moyo. WOW! All I can say is we spent a while in there and will definitely be returning! The amount of stuff crammed (neatly) into that little shop is phenomenal. You can literally pick up almost every item in that shop and spend time staring in wonder at the amount of talent, energy and effort that has gone into producing each item. The bead work is definitely something to write home about. Unfortunately we went before payday so couldn't spend like we would have but we did buy two little goodies: the 'perfect laundry room keyring' and a South African badge. The 'perfect laundry room keyring' is a beautifully beaded OMO logo. My husband just loved it! My daughter has declared that she will be saving up her money and would like us to take her back.

**Exciting news that I happened to hear from Jess at the Hillcrest Country Market yesterday (6 April): the shop will be expanding soon with two new ranges coming in. The shop will officially be a whole shipping container bigger!** 


A great idea would be to pop in before going to a overseas trip is to pop in and buy a few South African flag pins to give out to tour group leaders, bus drivers or any interesting foriegners you meet on your travles. We wished we had done that when we went to Asia again last year. If you ever send a package to family or friends overseas soemthing from this shop will make them pin for good old S.A.

Visit the Hillcrest AIDS Centre at 26 Old Main Road, Hillcrest. Or, just look for the distinct 'knit bombed' Jacaranda and you know you have found the right place.
Visit their website to find out more about the HAC here. I have literally touched on one [very] small aspect in a superficial way.
Like the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust on Facebook here
Like the Woza Moyo here
And finally if you are a gardener like HAC Trust Plant Nursery here

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