Friday, 4 October 2013

Bella & Boo

A new froyo store has opened in the Upper Highway area and it's...

'Froyo' is frozen yoghurt for those readers who are over the age of 25 and don't have teenagers.

Just love their little heifer and blue bird.

We popped into Bella & Boo for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed our first experience. Let me take you on a tour...

 I love that Kloof Bella & Boo has an imaginary line running down the middle of the shop with the delectable looking Empire Coffee on the left and the froyo on your right. This is brilliant as sometimes husband isn't in the mood for something sweet and he can indulge in some delicious coffee (he is a coffee addict thanks to his mom). I can't wait to try out Empire's selection too. I just love the look of it.

 Easy to use always gets points in my book. Simply grab a bowl and get going. Choose your flavours, get it in the bowl, and finish off with some delicious toppings.

Flavours include: Caramel, Creme Brulee, Nougat, Vanilla, various fruity flavours, Cheesecake, Cherry, Condensed Milk, and much more.

Topping selection includes: chocolate drops (and various other chocolaty options), jelly beans, fresh fruit, coconut, and of course sprinkles.

At the risk of sounding cheap we have worked out that it is best to avoid the 'heavier' options such as 'jelly snakes' as you pay for by weight. I don't know about you but I would rather have more froyo?!

Husbands verdict on Bella and Boo:
"Nice. Less 'tangy' than Wakaberry." He is a man of few words. So there you have it, if you are after a less 'tangy' flavour head over to Bella and Boo for some delicious froyo. I still love Wakaberry but have fallen in love with the new Bella & Boo.

My favourite thing about Bella & Boo froyo:
 Did you get that??? I am just going to say this again...
"almost fat free"
Pop over to their Facebook page
Phone Kloof Bella & Boo on 031 764 2092
Find them at the Kloof Maytime Centre, 20 Charles Way, Kloof, KZN.

Hillcrest has another (smaller) Bella & Boo at the Lillies Quarters
Phone Hillcrest Bella & Boo 031 765 1345
Find them 8A Lillies Quarters (near Oscars, 12 Old Mai Road, Hillcrest, KZN.

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