Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Christmas and Halloween

It's been a while since must last update but between work and my personal life things have been busy!

The Christmas Fair went well on the 19th and 20th despite the terrible weather conditions people did come and support the stallholders. There was a great variety of stalls too. In a follow up post I will be listing some of my favourite stallholders.

Trick or Treating at the Heritage Market was a blast even though the weather was less than ideal. Kids will be kids and mine didn't even notice the rain/drizzle/mist and instead says "Mom, Halloween is the best!"
Despite not having a clue as to what Halloween is. To her it was a day to walk around with mom and nana while collecting sweets from various shops all while dressed up as a ghost!

Have a look at some of the photos on the Heritage Market Facebook page here for a giggle

Sorry this isn't the most exciting update but I promise when we move things will shape up! Moving date is set for Sunday the 4th of Novemeber...YIPPEE!!

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