Tuesday, 9 October 2012

This is me...Living Hillcrest

4 months ago we moved to Hillcrest. Outsiders call the area Hillcrest but from the inside people refer to areas such as Gillitts, Winston Park, Hillcrest Park, Botha’s Hill, Assagay, and so the list goes on...

After some research we 'bought' in Gillitts...long story cut short it was a disaster and so we are now looking forward to moving into our new home in Assagay come November!


I work in the area, my daughter goes to school in the area and my husband travels into Durban every day. He says he doesn't mind and it seems as though it is what a vast amount of Hillcrest husbands do...

Moving to Hillcrest has been exciting and daunting. We are starting to enjoy exploring the area and what it has to offer in terms of things to do, places to go and things to see. And so the idea to start a blog was born after finding nothing on line that helped me.

Consider this a place to find Hillcrest inspiration

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